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Scratches 1

Scratches – Ny högklassig internationell serieantologi. (Red. Joost Swarte & Hansje Joustra) Engelskspråkig antologi med de bästa internationella och holländska serieskaparna.  

Scratch Books presents: Scratches, a new comics magazine edited by Joost Swarte, with new and previously unpublished work by the best international comics artists

Scratches is an English-language comics magazine, focusing on Dutch and Flemish authors, that will appear once yearly. The magazine is published on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair, which features The Netherlands and Flanders as Guests of Honour. Editors-in-chief are comics artist and graphic designer Joost Swarte and publisher Hansje Joustra of Scratch Books (previously Oog&Blik).

Scratch Books thinks it is important that Dutch and Flemish authors can reach an international audience. ‘It’s been a dream of mine,’ says Joost Swarte. ‘We show work by unconventional comics artists from the Netherlands and Flanders, as well as big names from the international world of graphic novels.’ Scratches can be found at the guest pavillion at the Frankfurt Book Fair and receives support from the Dutch and Flemish literary funds.

Scratches publishes work by a mix of established and upcoming Dutch, Flemish and international artists. The first issue contains new or previously unpublished work by the best international comics artists, as well as three editorials on the heroes of illustration and comics pioneers: Dutch underground artist Mark Smeets (1942-1999), Belgian woodcut artist Frans Masereel (1889-1972) and the Spanish graphic designer Manolo Prieto (1921/1991). The issue also contains a loose-leaf poster with ‘Nam War’, a graphic project by Lennard Kok.

List of contributors: David B., Daan Botlek, Robert Crumb, Guido van Driel, Charlotte Dumortier, Tim Enthoven, Brecht Evens, Lars Fiske, Evert Geradts, Ben Gijsemans, Charles Guthrie, Herr Seele, Toon Horsten, Milan Hulsing, Jeroen Janssen, Bendik Kaltenborn, Kamagurka, Lennard Kok, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Max, Ever Meulen, Bart Nijstad, Samplerman, Tobias Schalken, Art Spiegelman, Joost Swarte, Tobias Tak, Aart Taminiau, Veiko Tammjärv, Kristina Tzekova, Sam Vanallemeersch, Judith Vanistendael, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Ludwig Volbeda, Chris Ware, Wasco

Scratches is supported by The Academy of Scratches, which features: Warren Bernard (director Small Press Expo), Patrick Gaumer (Larousse Dictionaire de la Bande Dessinée), Annette Gehrig (director Cartoonmuseum Basel), Paul Gravett (journalist, curator, author), Seb Ikso (illustrator), Bill Kartalopoulos (festival Mocca, New York), Jean-Pierre Mercier (director and curator Musée de la Bande Dessinée Angoulême), Jésus Moreno (publisher, exhibition designer), Françoise Mouly (publisher, art director The New Yorker), Art Spiegelman (artist), Brecht Vandenbroucke (artist)

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